Individual Counseling
Couples Therapy

Individuals seek out counseling for many reasons: personal growth, frustration, grief or feelings of being stuck. The focus can be as deep or directed as the client wishes – anything from career coaching or parenting tools to understanding destructive behavior choices or developing a growing love of oneself. Sessions usually last for 50 minutes. Clients often come to work on one issue and choose to continue therapy to tackle other challenges, or they may find that that once their issue is resolved, they are ready to move forward independently. There is no one formula that works for everyone. ​

Couples often come to counseling together to voice issues with trust, intimacy or to work through a change in the relationship. Couples counseling isn’t always a tool to stay together, but can be a healthy way to gracefully end a relationship. Sessions typically last at least 90 minutes to ensure both voices in the relationship are fully heard. Within the couples counseling dynamic, the couple is viewed by the therapist as one unit: even if the end determination is a cessation of the relationship, the counselor remains neutral. 

Families can be biological, built through marriage, or friends and loved ones can become a family. When there is strife within that familial structure, a counselor can act as a lightning rod: focusing on the problems and channeling the energy safely into useable tools. Sessions typically last two hours, and tend to work best when the therapist works exclusively with the group as a whole. If individuals within that group need additional resources, generally, a therapist will refer that client to another counselor. As a group, the unit works together towards common goals, voicing tensions and hurt feelings within a safe space.   ​


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