Emily Merideth Forsythe, LPC

This sucks. I feel like my emotions can’t be contained. I’m not in control of my life anymore. I can’t fall asleep at night because my thoughts keep me up.


Counseling can give your troubles a voice: and once spoken in the safety of the counseling space, they can be examined, thought through and diminished in the process. Instead of being an invasive species of ivy, coiling around your heart and mind, you get to decide what grows in your ‘garden’, what makes you happy, and what needs to be weeded out. Together, we can look inward and re-discover joy.


I tried therapy once, they didn’t seem to ‘get’ me 


The therapeutic relationship is uniquely focused on you. Clients who’ve collaborated with me have built more self-confidence, developed tools to deal with complicated histories, established boundaries within toxic relationships and grown happy with being themselves. They build on their personal narratives to find wealth: romantic, personal, within their family units and within careers and their creative selves. Within months, folks finally invest in who they are, and the results can change lives.


I’m not ready to give up hurting…


The downsides of choosing to pretend your wants and desires don’t matter can mean drawing ever-closer lines in the sand, or giving away your power and trust to people who may not be worthy. You could dig the trenches of negative behaviors even deeper, never building new roads/patterns. Deeply held beliefs about inadequacy or personal failures don’t get challenged, and keep guiding you into ditches and dead-ends.


What should I expect to change?


Many of my clients have started businesses, ended unhealthy relationships, started new, more genuine relationships, found careers that fulfill them (not just pays the bills) or began on a journey to become someone else entirely. Clients have found more intimacy, more connection with their significant others, and less inhibition when it comes to taking healthy risks. Often, in 3-6 months, clients who felt stuck say to me: ‘I like who I see in the mirror.’ Sometimes, this is the first time they’ve ever felt this way.


Can we take it for a test drive?


Let’s get to know one another: during your free 30 minute consult, you can decide if we’re a good fit. I’ll ask you to consider one issue you currently struggle with, and together, we can start collaborating. You’ll get a sense for how a session would feel and hopefully, a positive takeaway before we ever get started.

  • Life changes

  • Marriage, family and co-parenting struggles 

  • Blended family challenges

  • LGB and Transgender issues

  • Alternate or non-mainstream relationship dynamics including open marriages, polyamory and power exchanges

  • Sexuality

  • SCA, cosplayers & gamers

  • Family of origin challenges

  • Career navigation

  • Parenting hurdles

  • Struggles with one’s sense of self and individuality